Wag Mag: Nose-to-Tail Holy Grail

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WAG Mag: Nose-to-Tail Holy Grail

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It’s a scene of bacchanal dreams

The full-pig dinner is just one of the extreme eating experiences by acclaimed chef David DiBari of The Cookery, a playground of innovative Italian comfort food, irreverence and gluttony. DiBari doesn’t just plate up pork belly, he serves up the whole hog, unleashing eaters on a carnal, culinary escapade. He doesn’t just offer oysters by the dozen, he hosts entire evenings where revelers drown as many half shells as they can handle with craft beer. He’s been known to toss a fresh pig over his shoulders and bids guests to join in “gastronomic perversions and barbarism.”

“What’s more simple than roasting an animal and putting it on a table?” he says. “Something as dramatic and beautiful and simple as that? I thought, ‘Why not?'”

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